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Every year, more smartphones come out offering better specs, bigger screens, superior cameras, newer designs. And every year the question of which phone to buy becomes harder and harder. You want to buy the best phone you can, the one that will match your lifestyle perfectly. But how do you choose? They’re all so similar, aren’t they? The truth is, some are better than others, and here are three of the best smartphones on the market today.

iPhone 7
Since the first iPhone came out, Apple has not released their grip on the smartphone market. The iPhone 7 was released in 2016 and shows that the iPhone is still the smartphone to beat.

The new iPhone is now water resistant, making sure that any splashes or spilt drinks that come into contact with your phone don’t damage it. However it can still easily be dropped stolen or lost. As this is one of the most expensive smartphones on the website it is a very good idea to protect your phone.

There are two ways of doing so. The first is to get a phone case. There is a huge variety on the market for you to choose from to suit your desired needs. The second is to take out some iPhone insurance which will cover you if you happen to damage, lose or your phone gets stolen. It is, of course, still a good idea to grab insurance, but water resistance is a welcome addition.

The new phone also features a more powerful processor than ever before, offering, according to Apple, 40% more power than its predecessor. The 4.7 inch screen is still fantastic, although slightly lacking on the Samsung S7 Edge. And the iPhone 7 is particularly useful for playing games and rarely slows.

The design is beautiful, and is arguably the best looking smartphone currently on the market, whilst iOS remains the best UI.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
The company that has given Apple the biggest run for its money in recent years is Samsung and the S7 and S7 Edge are no exception.

The S7 Edge scores ever so slightly higher than the S7 itself due to the edge to edge screen which is simply stunning. The 5.5 inch screen offers a resolution of 1440×1260 and is the best on the market.

As well as the screen, the camera is also excellent, particularly in low light, which is its strongest feature. It is a close call between the S7 and Google’s Pixel for the award of ‘Best Camera’ but the S7 may just pinch it.

The processor is an upgrade on the S6 and is very quick indeed. However, the UI is still not quite as good as the iPhone 7, sometimes feeling a little less ‘grown-up’

Google Pixel

Google’s first foray into the smartphone market is by all regards a great success.

The Google Pixel is not as beautiful as either the Samsung or iPhone, but it is still a nice looking phone. The smaller model has a 5 inch screen and is incredibly sharp, although not quite to the levels of the S7.

The camera produces wonderful image quality, possibly challenging the S7. It is very hard to tell between the two and camera quality is the Pixel’s biggest strength.

The phone offers a great processor rivalling the other two smartphones, it also offers fantastic battery life, and whilst it’s UI is slightly better than the S7 it does not quite reach the highs of iOS. Unfortunately, it is not waterproof.


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  • iPhone 7 is at present the best choice for a smartphone in terms of User Interface when taking Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel smartphones into account. The latter two have their pros and cons as well.

  • The User interface of iPhone 7 dominates over the User Interface implemented in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and that of GooglePixel. The iOS product is the most attractive looking smartphone.

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