Boost iPhone 6/6S sound with integrated hi-fi speaker case

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These cases look very interesting. They claim to be the first iPhone cases with a built in hi-fi speaker and battery pack. So no more carrying around a Bluetooth speaker and charger around with you everywhere you go!

Called the Duo, the case is available from Peri ( for the iPhone 6/6s (a version for the iPhone 7/7 Plus is out in May 2017). On board is both a hi-fi speaker system and a 2900mAh battery.

In development for the past two years, the Duo’s proprietary technologies include a high-excursion speaker and an acoustically tuned passive radiator for a broad-spectrum frequency response. This, despite the inclusion of a relatively small 40-mm Neodymium driver.

With a peak output of 4 watts and 100 decibels, Duo is, the manufacturer claims, the first case to integrate true high-fidelity audio and phone-charging (2900mAh) into a single iPhone case, along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi playback.

Thanks to an on-board Wi-Fi audio router, the Duo can also connect to up to 64 other Duo cases so you can have the experience of a multi-room system like Sonos, but only more portable.

Available in four colours including red/charcoal, white/silver, black/silver and a kind of grey camouflage design called ‘Rhymesayers’, the Duo costs $189 plus shipping. Alternatively you can buy a white unit from Amazon for a little over £100 at the time of writing. 


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