Sennheiser goes all old skool with the FM-only Tangent Duo


Yup – FM. No DAB in sight. This is the Tangent Duo clock radio, which features no digital display, no DAB, no card reader, and no iPod dock. Just a radio and a clock. Sennheiser are marketing this one as “For people who want a radio, not a tech-toy”.

I’ll staunchly defend tech-toys till the last man (or woman) falls, but gosh, this does look nice. I’ll admit that I don’t need an iPod dock, or OLED screen or anything first thing in the morning, but the analogue clock might confuse my poor sleep-addled mind. Still, given that one of the first things I do in the morning is grab my phone and read the news headlines, perhaps a dose of analogue upon waking would get me into gear just as well…