The world’s first sexy and affordable electric car? Pre-orders for Tesla Model 3 hit 276,000 in two days


Tesla Model 3
Is this the car that’s going to thrust electric vehicles (EVs) in to the mainstream? Certainly Tesla’s charismatic chief executive Elon Musk thinks so. He has just announced 276,000 pre-orders in 48 hours for the company’s latest EV, the Model 3.

Expected to cost at least $35,000 when it ships in mid-2017, that means the company has secured $9.7 billion worth of sales for a car that is still over a year away from leaving the production line.

In fact Musk estimates an average selling price of $42,000, once all the optional extras are taken into account, meaning that the actual revenue for Tesla could be even higher.

Of course at present the only revenue is the $1,000 deposits for the cars which is just a small portion of the final sale price. However it is bound to help as the company now has an extra $276m in the bank to prepare for what’s sure to be the company’s most ambitious move yet.

Featuring a four wheel drive system, the engine in the new 2017 Tesla Model 3 can obtain a maximum power output of 370 HP with target driving range expected to be 200 miles. We are also expecting that the new Model 3 will go 0-62mph in a time of 4.1 seconds.

Other technology features include USB and Bluetooth connectivity, heated seats, rearview camera and Wi-Fi. Optional features may include the following: self-park, lane continue support, adaptive travel, and even automatic high and low ray headlights.

Although the Model 3 is supposed to be delivered in 2017, there is a chance it could be late as the company’s previous car, the Model X, eventually arrived three years late, due to problems moulding the seats for the car.

The Model 3 will be the third major car in Tesla’s fleet. The Model S, a luxury sedan, was launched in 2012, while the Model X, an SUV/people carrier crossover, was eventually launched last year.

When it goes on sale it will competition from Chevrolet which at CES earlier this year also announced a similarly priced electric vehicle dubbed The Bolt.

You can see Tech Digest’s review of the Model S and its autopilot feature here.

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The hi-tech interior of Tesla's Model 3
The hi-tech interior of Tesla’s Model 3
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  • “Touted as the affordable electric sports sedan, the Model 3 is Tesla’s eco-friendly gift to the motoring masses. Base rear-wheel-drive cars should get about a 215-mile range; all-wheel drive will be offered, and larger batteries with longer ranges are expected. Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving feature will come standard, but details are scarce about the rest. Don’t get too attached to the styling, either—this car is still a work in progress, as is Tesla’s claim that production will start in 2017.”

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