Sony introduces UMC-S3C 4K video camera for low light conditions

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Sony4K cameraFollowing the launch of its 4K network camera, the SNC-VB770, Sony has introduced a new 4K video camera aimed primarily at professional use, including wildlife monitoring and video surveillance.

Capable of achieving both high sensitivity and resolution with colour video recording in 4K, the £3869.97 UMC-S3C provides – according to its manufacturer – the highest sensitivity in its class. This is possible thanks to the full-frame 35mm Exmor sensor and image processing engine.

Sony’s UMC-S3C uses a 35mm full-frame sensor to deliver high sensitivity with high light condensing efficiency, and an image processing engine which enhances noise reduction.

With the inclusion of compatible E-mount lenses that are optimised to maximise the performance of the 35mm full-frame 12MP sensor, resolution is – says Sony – kept high across the entire image area from the centre to the lens periphery.

Long duration video recording is also possible with a memory card slot on the camera body, instead of network cabling feature. For example, with a 64GB memory card, users can record up to 125 minutes of 4K footage with standard quality (30 fps/60 Mbps)

The camera also accommodates the XAVC S format, enabling high quality recording with 100Mbps high bit rate. This is a huge advantage to users in challenging environments where cabling or space is a huge limitation.

Says Roger Lawrence, Video Security Product Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe:

“At Sony, we focus on enhancing high resolution and high sensitivity. With this approach, we have been expanding our current 4K product line-up and are confident that we can tap into new markets with the all-new UMC-S3C. The latest video camera is also a testament of Sony’s relentless efforts to provide our clients with solutions that meet their business requirements.”

Weighing approximately 400g, the lightweight UMC-S3C is currently the most compact camera among Sony’s line-up in the full-frame camera market. It will be available during the Summer of 2016,

Sony has also introduced a new Network Video Management System for managing, storing and analysing content.

This system – which includes the HAW-E and HAW-S series of network video recorders (NVR) and the SOW-E and SOW-S series of server-based video management software – is designed for a range of commercial video capture applications, including city surveillance, transportation, financial services and education.

The Video Management System  supports a wide variety of IP camera formats, including the newest 4K technologies. Adds Sony’s Roger Lawrence:

“This new VMS platform provides the missing link in the 4K workflow. With support for a wide range of existing camera systems and fully integrated  4K support meeting the growing demand for higher resolution, Sony is delivering a one-stop, end-to-end 4K solution for customers based on our cutting-edge imaging technologies.”


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