Sphero launches Darkside connected toy – Ollie’s mischievous alter-ego!

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Connected toy company Sphero has announced its latest toy Darkside is now available on Firebox for £99.99. Billed as mischievous alter-ego of Ollie, which launched last Autumn, Darkside is the first toy in the Sphero family designed with a personality and brought to life through the app experience and physical toy animations.

The user becomes acquainted with these new behaviours through Darkside’s defiant retorts beginning with the initial “naming” process and again through mischievous autonomous behavior during play.

Says Rob Maigret of Sphero:
“The new Darkside experience we’ve designed is our first run at establishing a deeper connection between user and robot.”

He adds: “We’ve reached a point in technology where robots should be more than plastic, metals, and energy that we control, drive or manipulate. They can learn. They should have a point of view. They should play back with us. We are giving our customers a glimpse into the future.”

In conjunction with the retail release of Darkside, Sphero will also unleash its first-ever Instagram exclusive video series, The Chronicles of Darkside. This six-part series, available only on Sphero’s Instagram account, is a glimpse into Darkside’s origins and feud with Ollie.

The updated Ollie app is currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Android devices.


Chris Price
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