Yota Phone 2 is world’s first dual screen smartphone and e-reader

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Mobile phone company Yota has developed what it’s claiming is the world’s first dual-screen always-on smartphone. Combining the features of a premium Android smartphone with the benefits of an Electronic Paper Display so you don’t have to carry two devices around with you, the Yota Phone 2 has, at the time of writing, attracted over $176,000 of its initial $50,000 funding target on crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

The advantage of an Electronic Paper Display is that it consumes less energy than a standard LCD display – Yota claims five days’ reading on a single charge and up to two days of basic smartphone functions. What’s more, with the YotaEnergy app you can, the company claims, give yourself a few more hours to get you to your next charge. Yota claims the screen is perfectly readable even in the brightest sunshine: fiction, Facebook, Twitter, news, RSS-feeds, blogs, email, messaging and (absolutely) everything else.

The dual screen smart phone goes on sale in the US in August. It is currently available via Indiegogo for around $525. For more information go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/yotaphone-2-world-s-first-dual-screen-smartphone#/story




Chris Price
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