Sales of Campervans surge as demand for mobile offices increase


Revolution Campervans, which produces campers from new or used VW Transporters, claims to have seen a surge in sales as customers buy them as mobile offices, doubling as a base for camping adventures and staycations.

Kelly Smith, who owns her own candle and jewellery making business in Sussex, Billy’s Beach Hut, bought one in the first lockdown to use for a mix of work and leisure – see pictures above and below. “My brand is inspired by beach and vanlife, so sometimes I like to take my campervan to the local beach and make my jewellery with a view of the sea and a hot cup of tea,” she says. “It’s also a great place to go if I need to do some work on my laptop with some peace and quiet,” she adds.

Kelly will also use her campervan as a mobile shop when local markets and events start up again, plus trips with her family. Her new VW campervan replaced a vintage-style VW T2 camper, which inspired the logo of her business, as she needed the greater comfort and reliability of a new one which has a bespoke stripy roof and floor covering to match the design of her website. 

Another customer, Chris Edge, the operations director of a house building company in Wales, bought his Revolution VW camper as he wanted to get out of the house during lockdown. Says Chris: “The pandemic has changed my work pattern, and with all of us at home in the lockdown, my campervan is somewhere I can go to work and escape the distractions at home. I can park it on my drive (or anywhere) and use it as my home office. It’s got all the kit I need to use it as an office, such as USB points and a mains hook-up, plus the bonus of a fridge and cooker.”

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It seems he is one of many who are switching to campervans for work. Management consultant, Mark Gardner, bought his campervan to replace a Jeep 4×4. During the lockdown, his family have been shielding and unable to leave the house, so, like many, he has had to put his adventure plans on hold and using his campervan as a multi-purpose vehicle to work from as well as for some fun with the family.
Watching films on roof canvas

Says Mark: “When a friend bought a campervan, I could see the possibilities it would offer over a car and decided I wanted one, too, as it was agile and easy to drive, with plenty of comforts. I can use it to visit clients and work from home, as well as for family fun. So far, we haven’t been able to get away in it, but we have spent the night in it on our driveway. My daughter is mad keen on it, and loves the built-in projector to watch films on the roof canvas while in bed.”

Comments Jonathan Norman, Managing Director of Revolution Campervans: “This year, we’ve noticed a definite trend of people buying campervans to use for work as well as pleasure. With so much of the population now working from home, and using their cars less, a campervan suddenly makes even more sense as an extra space to use to work in when everyone is at home, especially with distractions like home schooling going on.”

“The pandemic has also make people look at how they go on holiday in a new light and keeping away from public transport, airports and cruises. We’ve had customers deciding they didn’t need a smart company car just sitting at home all the time and they would be better off with a campervan that doubles up as their own safe space for a staycations and days out.

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