Which champions are the most difficult to play in League of Legends?

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League of Legends (popularly abbreviated as LoL) is the renowned MOBA videogame developed by Riot Games where two teams of five players must face each other in a battle arena with the aim of destroying the opponent’s Nexus. Each game of LoL is characterized by requiring players to plan a good strategy and be quite skilled with the playable characters (called Champions) for their team to win.

Champions are definitely one of the most acclaimed features of any LoL and stand out for being quite different from each other (which is surprising considering there are more than 150 of them). Each League of Legends champion has its own game mechanics, its own ways of fighting enemies, its weaknesses and its strengths. In addition, they also have striking designs that emphasize the unique style of each one.

Some champions were designed to be more difficult to use than others and that difference can be too high in some cases, to the point of having characters that can be annoying for most players. That said, below are four extremely difficult to use League of Legends champions that are only suitable for skilled players or those with a lot of patience.

Aurelion Sol

This champion is characterized by having very different mechanics from the other champions because although each of them is very different they usually share many basic mechanics among themselves. However, Aurelion Sol is totally unique in his style, so few players end up choosing him for the battles. This champion is interesting and complex to use because he can only attack in the area that revolves around him and in order to generate damage it is necessary that the enemies have to approach and move away from him several times in the battle arena. This is something that is not always recommended during the games, but it makes Aurelion Sol unique.

The abilities that make this champion one of the most difficult to use are the attacks corresponding to the E (Comet of Legend) and Q (Starsurge) keys, since if these abilities are used in the wrong places they can end up as misused combos. Having said that, Aurelion Sol is not worth much for most players, since even if you manage to master your abilities very well, they do not end up standing out so much in the fight, so it is usually better to master another champion.


This champion used to be considered as a simple one to use (which is technically true), but with time the players began to realize that Riven presents certain difficulties in its mechanics at the time of the combat, mainly at the moment of wanting to cancel its animations, which avoid that the combos can be made quickly.

It is extremely complicated to cancel the animations in the Riven combos, to the point of making the champion one of the most annoying to use. Many skilled LoL players can take advantage of Riven in the right way, but to do so they have to work hard to find a way to jump their animations with enough precision to be able to attack repeatedly.

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This champion is also not used in LoL very often for two specific reasons. The first is simply because it is not very popular in the videogame, and the second is because its large number of combos are extremely complicated to execute, especially for players who have only used it for a short amount of time. Furthermore, even if you manage to master this champion very well, it will still be difficult to use in combats.

However, it should also be mentioned that, unlike the champions mentioned above, Azir is quite effective and has very defined abilities for all kinds of purposes, whether it is to attack, flee from danger zones, re-establish himself in combat, attack different champions almost simultaneously, among other possibilities. In other words, despite the fact that Azir’s attacks are very complicated to perform and are slow, if he manages to master his mechanics correctly, this champion could become an excellent option for combat.


Previously, this champion was considerably easy to use, but due to the updates that LoL has received over time, this champion has become one of the most difficult to control effectively, as its strongest attacks have become quite complicated, possibly because its power and ease of use broke the balance of the game. Irelia’s ability E, which allowed to attack several enemies at once increased its difficulty of use, and the Q combos now require players to be aware of certain places in the sand and the minions in order to do them correctly. However, if you manage to have a lot of patience with Irela, you will be able to perform really powerful combos.

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