CES 2008 Roundup: Sunday

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Phew. It’s been a long day here in Las Vegas (as evidenced by me still working at 12.45am. We attended all the major press conferences, caught Bill Gates’ last ever CES keynote, and got a bunch of stories from the Digital Experience press event. See below for links to all the good stuff. Tomorrow, meanwhile, we hit the show itself…

CES 2008: Watch Bill Gates play Xbox 360 Guitar Hero III with Slash
Sir Howard Stringer responds to Warner Bros announcement
CES 2008: Microsoft Zune worldwide shipping FINALLY FREAKIN’ announced
CES 2008: Toshiba’s response to Warner’s Blu-ray allegiance, and what it means for the future of HD DVD
CES 2008: Panasonic press conference liveblog
CES 2008: Sharp press conference: surprise, surprise – more massive tellies are on their way
CES 2008: Sony Ericsson’s W760 GPS Walkman phone
CES 2008: Sony Ericsson’s latest fashion phone – the Z555
CES 2008: Sony Ericsson launches W350 flip Walkman phone
CES 2008: LG conference’s big announcement? MPH, Mobile TV
CES 2008: Sony first to launch diminutive OLED TVs
CES 2008: Jook lets you broadcast your iPod music to people around you
CES 2008: Motorola launches Z10 with HSDPA connectivity and video editing
CES 2008: Bill Gates’s last day of work at Microsoft
CES 2008: LG announces plethora of LCD and Plasma screens
CES 2008: Sharp rolls out latest AQUOS HDTV ranges
CES 2008: Sony expands its HDTV range with new features, accessories
CES 2008: Samsung’s Duo HD BD-UP5500 player blends Blu-ray and HD DVD
CES 2008: JVC reveals world skinniest LCDs
CES 2008: Sharp announces colourful, gamer-friendly AQUOS LCDs
CES 2008: Video Diary – Panasonic and Philips at CES
CES 2008: Alienware debuts curvy 2880×900 gaming monitor
CES 2008: Panasonic’s new Viera TVs – 46-inch plasma and 37-inch LCD
CES 2008: CES Unveiled Video Preview – WowWee Rovio
CES 2008: Sony unveils Mylo 2, UK left wondering where Mylo 1 has got to
CES 2008: Sharp’s AQUOS Net takes tellies online, launches first TV widgets
CES 2008: Samsung unveils 3D-ready Series 4 plasma HDTV
CES 2008: Toshiba announces bunch of new Plasma and LCD screens
CES 2008: iLuv shows i399 iPod boombox and i1255 DVD / iPod Video player
CES 2008: Samsung launches Series 6 and Series 7 LCD HDTVs
CES 2008: SC-HMX20C 1080p HD camcorder makes a splash
CES 2008: Sony Vaio TP Home Theatre PC – now sensibly includes two TV tuners
CES 2008: Sony promotes the α200 as the affordable DSLR
CES 2008: Fujifilm launches super-thin FinePix Z100fd digital camera
CES 2008: SpaceTime swizzy 3D web browser
CES 2008: Samsung unveils Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC
CES 2008: JVC takes iPod docking to the small big TV screen
CES 2008: Sony Rolly MP3 player thingy arriving soon
CES 2008: Track your dog with a Zoombak A-GPS dog tracker
CES 2008: JVC’s iPod-tacular TH-F3 Home Theatre System
CES 2008: ASUS drops the Nova P22 mini desktop and 24” MK241 monitor
CES 2008: Oregon Scientific Weather Center and InstaForecast
CES 2008: Celestron LCD Microscope

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