CES 2008: Sony reveals 16GB Memory Stick


sony-ces-16gb-memory-stick.jpgLooking for some exciting new ways to give yet more of your money to Sony? Or just after a bit more storage space for those illegally obtained PSP games? Or do you just always have to have the biggest thing to go in all your things because you’re a big show-off?

Well knock yourself out – Sony’s just revealed a 16GB Memory Stick at CES. That’s enough room for a ‘warez’ copy of every worthwhile PSP game ever made, plus quite a few pirated Sony movies and albums! Thanks for making it so easy to carry around portable copies of all the stuff we’ve just stolen off you, Sony!

What’ll happen is this – the 16GB Memory Stick will cost an absolute pile of money when it comes out. Like, say, about £90. So DO NOT BUY ONE THEN. Simply wait about two years and you’ll be able to get one off Amazon for £12.99.

Because the 64GB one will have just been announced. It’s all just one big merry-go-round this technology scene.


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