CES 2008: Bill Gates's last day of work at Microsoft

CES 2008

I’m constantly being derided by my colleagues and most of the internet for admitting to fancying Bill Gates, but after they all see this video taken at tonight’s keynotes speech, I’m sure they’ll come round to my way of thinking. But hands off – he’s mine!

This video is a hilarious take on his last day of work at Microsoft, where he calls upon some of his famous friends, like George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Matthew McConaughey and controversially, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I miss you already, Bill *sobs*

CES 2008 Special
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Katherine Hannaford
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One thought on “CES 2008: Bill Gates's last day of work at Microsoft

  • Wow Bill looks like he’s finally beginning to enjoy himself. Not sure I’d go as far as Kat in my feelings towards him, but hey it does make me actually like the guy (like I’m sure he’s bothered).

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