CES 2008: Toshiba announces bunch of new Plasma and LCD screens

CES 2008

The first half of Toshiba’s conference may’ve been doom and gloom, but they managed to excite us once again with a full new line-up for Spring, with more LCDs and Plasmas than you can shake Warner’s CEO at.

Scott Ramirez, VP of marketing for the TV group, introduced five new Regza series, four new designs, three new picture qualities, two new gaming features, and one hot line-up, the 5-4-3-2-1, as he called it.

In the Regza range, the new CV510 series contains 32” and 37” models, they both give full 1080p viewing, as does the RV530 series, with four HDMI inputs, and a high-res PC input. 32”, 37”, 42”, 46” and 52” are available.

On all Regza series’ models, the TVs contain a special gaming mode, which aims on avoiding delays, with 60Hz TV models having a 32ms response improvement, and 120Hz models with a 48ms response improvement. Not only that, but they get a thinner bezel, at 1.5” at most.

The 120Hz ClearFrame has two series now, all models containing a wide colour gamut CCFL, giving richer and darker colours.The XV540 series is available in 42”, 46” and 52”.

Moving on, the Cinema series contains the world’s thinnest bezel, just 0.9”,meaning a 40” TV now fits in the same space as a 37-incher. Marvellous. The XF550, available in 40”, 46” and 52” will be available in February or March.

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