CES 2008 Roundup: Saturday

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This year’s CES is underway, with Team Shiny having descended on the CES Unveiled press event this evening. In truth, it was a bit underwhelming, but there was some good stuff, including WowWee’s latest crop of robots. Read on for all our stories from today.

CES 2008: WowWee Tribot ROBOT!
CES 2008: WowWee Alive wild cub toys steal our affections
CES 2008: Top 10 celebrities appearing at this year’s show
CES 2008: Shiny Susi tries the HT-7450 Zero-Gravity massage chair
CES 2008: WowWee’s Rovio is a Wi-Fi robo-webcam with micro-GPS
CES 2008: Slingbox PRO-HD will placeshift HD content
CES 2008: Is getting a plug in Bill Gates’ CES opener the gadget kiss of death?
CES 2008: SE2 Labs’ ITC Wii/Xbox 360/HD PVR/iPod console system
CES 2008: Will the Bel Canto Ultra-Dock persuade audiophiles to get iPods?
CES 2008: HD Radio iTunes Tagging
CES 2008: WowWee’s friendly Mr Personality robot
CES 2008: EGO Icebar2 waterproof iPod Nano case bubbles up
CES 2008: Relax in the Human Touch HT-7450 Zero-Gravity massage chair
CES 2008: Liquid Image’s Digital Underwater Camera Mask
CES 2008: NRG solar charging docks
CES 2008: Hurrah for network-enabled automatic urine collectors
CES 2008: Vestalife Ladybug is a ladybird-style iPod dock
CES 2008: The greenwash begins
CES 2008: CUE Acoustics’ iPod-dockin’ HD radio
CES 2008: Viable’s video phone for deaf and hard of hearing
CES 2008: Aquallusion iTube wants to be Lava Lamp 2.0
CES 2008: Pinnacle solve video transfer woes with their accurately named Video Transfer unit
CES 2008: OmniMount shows off its Motion 52 cantilever mount
CES 2008: Winner of CES Unveiled’s ‘most boring’ product goes to the Powramid E-900H

Stuart Dredge
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