CES 2008: Hurrah for network-enabled automatic urine collectors

CES 2008


It might look like a teasmaid, but you wouldn’t fancy a brew made from the contents of this gadget. It’s taking the piss! No, literally. It’s an automatic urine collector, which was on display at the CES Unveiled press event tonight, on the stall of an organisation called PUCC (P2P Universal Computing Consortium).

It makes a platform that makes it easier for different devices to connect to the Internet, one of which was the urine collector. Basically, it hooks up to a pad in your hospital bed (yes, this is aimed at elderly patients), and analyses your urine, producing a wee chart that helps nurses decide when to take you to the loo, or how much water to give you.

Isn’t technology wonderful, eh? PUCC’s platform can presumably be used for lots of other serious applications, but the urine collector caught my eye. Sorry.

PUCC website

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Stuart Dredge
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