UK top 40 to include streaming songs


The UK singles chart is to be revamped to include songs played via streaming services. The move would mean that, for the first time since it began in 1952, the chart would not be simply compiled via music sales.

With services like Spotify and We7 becoming ever more popular the UK Charts Company said the charts were “bound to” incorporate streams although the changes might not be in place until 2010.

The company said: “The charts have always been there as a popularity poll, as a means of identifying what are the hottest records of the moment. That’s been relatively simple when people have bought stuff to keep forever. But that’s going to become increasingly more complicated.”

No exact details of how streams will be counted have been revealed although it has been suggested that they will carry less weight than actual sales.

In terms of keeping the charts as an actual representation of popular music, the proposal has to be a good thing. But the system will have to be properly monitored as there are a number of additional factors to consider.

What happens, for example, if a tune is streamed but then stopped or skipped by the user? Also, what about when a stream finishes and a new one automatically starts without the user specifically selecting that stream?

It will have to be policed as well, as the system would be open to corruption. It would be fairly easy for an artist to set up a couple of computers to continuously repeat their selected stream over and over again. Some sort of IP address tracking will no doubt come in to play.

Currently the top 2 songs on Spotify are Right Round by Flo Rida which was released in January and Kids by MGMT which first came out in October last year. This would indicate that songs don’t necessarily have to be brand new to be popular. The charts could be in for a bit of shake up then.

(via BBC)

Xbox 360 shifted "almost double" the units this Christmas compared to 2007


Credit crisis, financial disaster and aura of commercial misery everywhere you look? What credit crisis, financial disaster and aura of commercial misery everywhere you look?

That’s what Microsoft UK will be thinking at this very moment, having sold “almost double” the number of Xbox 360s in the UK over the Christmas period compared to Chrimbo 2007, thanks to the price cuts and its zany new casual interface for girls/children/the elderly…

Apple's iPhone manages the extremely possible – overtakes Motorola's RAZR in America


The fact that Motorola’s RAZR is the best-selling mobile in America one of those inexplicable regional events that defies all logic. Americans just like it and its flimsy, feature-light charms. So much so that it’s consistently been the best-selling phone out there for the last three years.

But not any more, as recent stats have shown that Apple’s popular-with-everyone iPhone has overtaken it, shifting 6.8 million units in the last business quarter. The RAZR was pushed down to second and RIM’s Blackberry Curve came in third, followed by LG’s Rumour and enV2…

Stat-counters of the world reveal the best-selling video games of the last three months


What’s been the biggest-selling game around the world over the last three months? You’re probably thinking GTA IV or Mario Kart, or perhaps you’re being clever and thinking it’s something weird for girls and old people like Ubisoft’s mind-numbingly odd Imagine: Interior Designer?

If you are, you are WRONG – the best selling game around the entire world is Electronic Arts’ Madden 08, the latest annual update in the long-running US football sim. It shifted a ludicrous 2.994 million copies to inhabitants of Earth, beating Wii Fit (!) into second place, with the bizarre balancing exercise “game” amazingly managing to convince 2.089 million people that what they really need to start getting into is video game yoga…

Motley Crue single downloaded FIVE TIMES more in Rock Band than on iTunes


If you pay attention, read regularly and maybe even take down some notes every once in a while, you may recall an update we did based around reformed dad-rockers Motley Crue releasing a single in the game Rock Band.

This was clearly a clever marketing ploy designed to help the ageing band reach “the youth” – and boy, did it ever work. The play-along Rock Band version of Motley Crue’s single sold FIVE TIMES as many…

Radiohead giving up its music download model – In Rainbows scheme was a "one off" says Thom


While Radiohead is still to say how much money it made out of letting users set their own price to buy (or have for free) its In Rainbows album (HINT: lots), it looks like that’s the first and last time the band will release anything in such a way.

Speaking of the revolutionary – and much-copied – download scheme to the Hollywood Reporter, Thom Yorke said “It was a one-off in terms of a story. It was one of those things where we were in the position of everyone…

Wii Fit did the business – sixth most successful launch in the UK EVER


Good lord. We doubted it, we really did. We thought that the odd balancing/health/positive-thinking game would be a bit of a disaster, especially with its £70 price tag.

But no – Wii Fit managed to enter the UK charts at #1 this week, and it sold like crazy – handing it the sixth biggest-selling launch period of any game in the UK. Taking into account the £70 price point, Wii Fit actually became the third highest cash-taker of all time – taking £16.3m in the UK…