Gnarls Barkley and the Raconteurs have an 'original idea' and release their new albums online

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gnarls-barkley.jpgRight, this is it. As of this article, I am officially bored of all these shitty little bands releasing their music online, either in the stylee of Radiohead, Trent Reznor, or the Charlatans.

Gnarls Barkley and the Raconteurs are the latest bands to start milking the digital music cash cow for its sweet sweet milk, never mind that the internet’s users are bored already and have gone back to using BitTorrent.

Let’s blame Warner Music – both bands are signed to the label, who’ve just announced plans to release their new albums on iTunes several weeks before the CD pressing. At least the Raconteurs are also giving the music industry a second two finger salute, by disregarding the usual freeloading music press laws, and not issuing review copies either.

The Odd Couple album has already been leaked online, but Gnarls Barkley still believes there’s scope for thrilling the internet masses, with the album going on iTunes two weeks before the April 8th CD release.

“We wanted to get this record to fans, the press, radio, etc., all at the EXACT SAME TIME so that no one has an upper hand on anyone else regarding it’s [sic] availability, reception or perception,” claimed Warner’s other rebel musicians, the Raconteurs, on their website.

(via DMW Media)

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  • It’s because the albums have leaked anyways on the web that they’ve putted them asap on digital download. They got nothing to lose. So don’t blmae Warner but blame the F&*?$# leakers who don’t have any respect toward the artists.

  • Dude, fail? Raconteurs are releasing their album in stores as well. They’re just not sending press copies, to prevent leaks. So you fail at life.

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