Radiohead's response to Trent Reznor's 'insincere' taunt? Copy his UGC idea for In Rainbows videos

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Yesterday we told you about NIN front man Trent Reznor’s creative call to arms, giving fans the opportunity to create their own videos for the band’s new album ‘Ghosts I-IV’.

Well, less than a week after Reznor called them ‘insincere’ for the ‘bait and switch’ tactics used in the release of their own record, In Rainbows, Radiohead has taken a leaf out of his book, photocopied it, and started their own UGC competition.

The boys from Oxfordshire are looking for animated videos to accompany the tracks from their album and are offering a cool $10,000 for the best. The winner will then be able to create their own full length music video.

A message posted on the band’s MySpace page invited “all artists, animators, writers, character designers and more, to submit storyboards that may range from basic sketches with words to more complex submissions in video formats, using the song of their choice”

The competition has already started and will run until April 27th, so get your e-crayons out and get cracking.

Radiohead (via Wired)

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