Over at SXSW, Lou Reed had a Perfect Day moaning about digital music

Digital Music

lou-reed.jpgThe curmudgeonly Lou Reed Walked On The Wild Side yesterday at the Texas SXSW conference about digital music, shocking no-one with his audiophilic opinions about how “technology is making things worse”. We always knew he was a moaner.

He went on, telling the audience of tech-savvy hanger-ons that “if you are one of those people like me who like ‘good sound,’ you need good speakers, a good stereo, and (as an artist) your price of recording goes up, because you need a good mic, good cables…If you don’t like good sound, go with MP3.” Ouch, Lou, you really do have a Rock And Roll Heart, eh?

According to Lou, “people have to demand a higher standard”, which will in turn make producers release higher-fidelity recordings. Lou now officially joins Chris Rea, Prince and Metallica in Tech Digest’s List Of Curmudgeonly Musicians Who Despise Digital Music.

(via DMW)

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  • Tech Digest now officially joins my list of mouth-breathing consumer morons who think Tang is orange juice.

  • Tech Digest joins Jonathan’s list of Mouth-Breathing Morons Who Don’t Know The Difference. Don’t be insulted. Crank up some, oh, I dunno, Briney or 50, on yer iPod. You’ll feel (OMG, OMG) SO much better. Really, y’all are my BFF!!

  • I’m wondering how did Metallica make the “Tech Digest’s List Of Curmudgeonly Musicians Who Despise Digital Music”… Is it that lawsuit againt Napster they filed in 2000 (yes, a lifetime ago). Since then, Metallica back catalogue has been available on iTunes for a while and they also have websites like livemetallica.com, where fans can buy and download all their live shows since 2004 in MP3 or FLAC. Many past shows are available for completely free. So please, explain to me, why exactly do you think they “despise digital music”? Is it the fact they don’t offer their entire catalogue for free via their official website’s front page? Or maybe it’s just that you (and most of bloggers/journalists) are just too lazy to check facts before writing whatever comes to your mind?

  • Audio snobbery from the man who gave the world white light/white heat and metal machine music???! Whateva, Grandad. Someone should tell him about FLAC.

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