Over at SXSW, Lou Reed had a Perfect Day moaning about digital music


The curmudgeonly Lou Reed Walked On The Wild Side yesterday at the Texas SXSW conference about digital music, shocking no-one with his audiophilic opinions about how “technology is making things worse”. We always knew he was a moaner.

He went on, telling the audience of tech-savvy hanger-ons that “if you are one of those people like me who like ‘good sound,’ you need good speakers, a good stereo, and (as an artist) your price of recording goes up, because you need a good mic, good cables…If you don’t like good sound, go with MP3.” Ouch, Lou, you really do have a Rock And Roll Heart, eh?

According to Lou, “people have…

A projector for £9,999 – the SIM2 'HT3000E' is a, cough, steal

Better add this to your wish list, unless Roman Abramovich is reading Tech Digest again, in which case I’m willing to bet he’s got one of these SIM2 projectors in every room.

Rolling in at a cost of a mere £9,999 each, the HT3000E delivers 1080p resolution, renders one billion colours and can project up to 30ft. It’s apparently the only ‘full’ hi-def projector which offers that BrilliantColor…