Post Eliot Spitzer affair, Ashley Alexandra Dupré's hookin' a whole lot more cash on MP3 site Amie Street

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So, I hear the hot news in New York at the moment is that their governor, Eliot Spitzer, resigned over ‘various reasons‘.

Turns out the prostitute he err, engaged in business relations with, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, is a bit of a pop strumpet, even more so since the news broke. Her song ‘What We Want’ is available on the MP3 store Amie Street, where prices are determined by popularity of the downloads.

Before news of the affair broke? Her track was 19 cents. After the affair? 98 cents.

Let this be a lesson for any aspiring singer struggling to sell songs! Don’t all queue up at once, now…

Amie Street (via Listening Post)

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