Icelandic band Sigur Ros 'taking over' YouTube tomorrow, in world first

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sigur-ros-you-tube.jpgMy reliable US tipster has informed me that in the UK tomorrow, Sigur Ros will be performing a ‘take-over’ of YouTube, screening their full-length documentary ‘Heima’.

Filmed in Iceland last year, it will feature the band performing in fish factories, halls, caves and other manner of odd venues, as they reinforce their oddball electronica tag.

It’s a first for YouTube, giving a band control of the homepage, which will also show ten videos of their choice, along with a video message and UGC elements where viewers can create their own ‘Minn Heima’ video with music clips and images chosen by the Icelandic band.

Anyone else surprised it’s not CSS who’re doing the takeover?

Sigur Ros (via Fake Plastic Noodles and NME)

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