BBC puts an end to iPlayer download hack. Back to file sharing sites for you

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iplayer_pic.jpgThe BBC has said that it has fixed its iPlayer software to stop people exploiting the code that allowed users to watch TV shows on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

It turns out that, while PC users can only download and keep a programme for 30 days, or stream it from the web for up to seven days after broadcast, hackers had discovered that iPlayer simply streamed a MP4 file to iPhones and iPods. Using a Firefox plug-in, they were able to capture and save the file.

No more, though the BBC admits that it is playing a cat and mouse game with hackers — as is every other content producer around the globe.

“It’s an ongoing, constant process and one which we will continue to monitor,” it said in a statement. “Like other broadcasters, the security of rights-protected content online is an issue we take very seriously.”

So, it’s back to BitTorrent, YouTube, or your file sharing website of choice from now on. Not that we advocate… oh you get the idea.

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