Shiny Video Review: the best noise-cancelling headphones, from Sennheiser, Bose, JVC and Creative

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I’ve been traipsing all over central London for you today, testing four pairs of noise-cancelling headphones, the HA-NC250 from JVC, some Bose Quiet Comfort 3 cans, the PXC-350 from Sennheiser, and finally, the Creative Aurvana X-Fi.

How do they fare on public transport in London? Check out the video above, where I test them on the tube, the overground train, a double decker bus, and walking around Piccadilly Circus. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I *did* say “King’s Cross St. Pancreas”. I am a doofus.

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • Ha ha, “St Pancreas”! We can always rely on you Kat!

    Great video – would you get the Sennheisers or the JVCs then? What’s the final verdict?

  • *Groan* I knew you’d pick it up, Katie! I can’t believe I said that – I sounded like SUCH a touristo!

    I would recommend the Sennheisers in regards to quality, however they’re a lot more expensive than the JVC pair – it all depends on the budget you’re playing with, but if you can afford them, the Sennheisers sound so much better!

  • Isn’t the first real test for noise cancelling headphones not to put them on your head, unconnected to any music source. Then flick the switch, and see if the background noise disappears?

    Even the £20 Maplin n/c headphones practically remove the hum of the office air-conditioning … and yes, the battery-powered circuitry does tend to amplify music when it’s present.

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