Chris Rea thinks you're on the Road To Hell if you download music online

Digital Music

chris-rea-live.jpgTrent Reznor may be loving the shit out of digital downloads, but Chris Rea? Why, the brunette-Ian-McKellen-with-bum-fluff- lookalike crooner-pony can’t stand the thought of them! He thinks if you partake in it, you’re on the Road To Hell.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I received a press release this morning, claiming Rea has decided to boycott them, and indeed, ‘won’t be succumbing to the culture of musical downloads’, as if it’s several degrees lower on the bad-list than hallucinatory drugs. It’s not just downloading he’s not supporting, he’s not even in favour of CDs or cassettes, choosing to release the forthcoming single ‘Let’s Get Away’ on 7″ only.

The release finished, asking its reader ‘could this be the beginning of a backlash against the MP3?’ Or the beginning of a backlash against Chris Rea? Sorry, continuation!

Chris Rea

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