Finally, The Charlatans' free album is available for download from Xfm. Err, who are they again?

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charlatans-pic.jpgWe’ve been banging on so much about The Charlatans’ new album being a free digital download, any regular reader would think we actually like this band! We’ve also written about Cliff Richard too, if that changes your mind.

Yesterday the album You Cross My Path was made available on the Xfm website, where you can download it in 256kbps quality, ahead of the CD release on May 19th. Containing the singles Oh Vanity and You Cross My Path, the lead singer Tim Burgess explained “we want ‘the people’ to own the music and we want the artist, i.e. us, to own the copyright”.

Xfm download

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • Kat, this is the second post you’ve made today that’s ballsed up my RSS reader an absolute bloody treat. Kudos and all, but what’s with the multiplicity?

    Oh, and New + Free x Charlatans = Nifty.

    (Plus, they’re going to be at V this year which is also very cool.)

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