Cliff Richard does a Radiohead – offers flexible pricing for new album

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Ok, you might expect Radiohead to do something adventurous when it comes to pricing up a new album, but Cliff Richard?

Well, Cliff has gone down the Radiohead route – well, just a little bit anyway. The download version of his latest ‘Love, The Album’ release will have flexible pricing, based on volume of pre-orders. The more orders are taken at the website, the less everyone will pay on the 12th November release date. Obviously EMI isn’t a charity, so there are safeguards – there’s only two weeks to pre-order and get the price and that price will only go as low as £3.99 no matter how many order. But that’s still a good deal.

And Cliff’s keen, adding: ‘Who’d have thought I’d get a buzz from creative marketing? As artists we face a stark choice. We either keep one step ahead of the technology which is changing our industry so radically – or we throw up our hands and quit. Personally I’m not for quitting!’ Wise words indeed from the Peter Pan of pop.

Cliff Richard album download site

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