Virgin Media introduces 'greener' bike-based engineers

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The number of Virgin Media vans on the road could be drastically cut, replaced by ‘faster and greener’ engineers for home visits.

The bikes will be introduced initially in London, with the belief that bikers can beat traffic congestion and clock up more appointments. Virgin estimates that a bike would spend a third of the time travelling from job to job than a van, as well as using a third of the fuel that a van would use during a year. If successful, the scheme will be rolled out in other major cities.

Hopefully the company will also get on its bike to fix the issues relating to its broadband speeds. Tech Digest has received a number of complaints about Virgin’s downloads speeds, particularly at peak times. And as a customer myself, I can sympathise – as I rarely get anything near acceptable speeds during daytime hours..

Virgin Media

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  • Why don’t they use BICYCLES? Far greener and would make that job fitter. The cabled areas are limited too, so it’s not ridiculous. I can cycle from my house to Camden in an hour or less, which is the other side of London. A ‘bike’ is that, if you mean ‘motor-bike’ then state so in the article for clarity. I didn’t really imagine I’d see Virgin engineers pedalling round with a box of gear on the back of their bikes, ha.

  • Virgin Media – Suck ass seriously i used to play bf2 but due to there constant traffic management thay make it inpossible to play im limited to overseas server due to lack of bf2 server in the uk lag is not a joke more like bounceing round the map…

    oh and for all you bit torrent ppl – Virgin Media Traffic Management Solution which inject forged reset packets into bittorrent transfers which makes seeding almost impossible!

    even for legal torrent its impossible! to download as well 🙁

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