More free music downloads: this time from The Verve and the Charlatans

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verve.jpgThose big bands can’t stop giving music away, now they’ve got the bug. We already knew that The Charlatans were planning to give their new album away with UK radio station XFM, but they’re kicking off with their new single ‘You Cross My Path’, which is available as a 256kbps MP3 download here.

Meanwhile, the freshly reformed Verve are also at it, teaming up with to give away, ahem, a 14-minute jam from their first session back in the recording studio. Again, it’s an MP3 file – 320kbps this time – although unlike the Charlatans song, you have to enter your name and email address before downloading it here.

How do they sound? Well, the Verve track’s a noodly load of old bollocks, and the Charlies song is okay but not a patch on ‘Just When You’re Thinking Things Over’. You knew that. But it’s good to see both bands feeling the free music love.

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