Oh, and Kylie Minogue is giving away free music too

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kylie-free-mp3.jpgPhew. Free downloads aren’t just the realm of those indie chaps. Having just finished writing about The Verve and the Charlatans offering free MP3s this week, it seems Kylie Minogue is at it too.

She’s giving away a free MP3 mix taken from her new album, by way of a preview. Slightly awkwardly, it’s being referred to on her site as a ‘mixtape MP3’ – someone needs to come up with a new term for this kind of thing when it’s not on a cassette.

Anyway, you have to enter your email address and country, but after that, the MP3mix (how about that?) is yours for the downloading. It’s only just over five minutes long and encoded at 128kbps, sadly, but is sure to have Kylie fans scrambling for their keyboards.

Kylie MP3mix

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One thought on “Oh, and Kylie Minogue is giving away free music too

  • Had read that she had changed lanes dramatically.Not being a fan I downloaded to see how dramatically amd if this freebie would change my mind about her as being an over rated pop warbler.Nope. Same old same old really.not quite so dance/disco but still drivel pop for fans only

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