Now The Charlatans are giving their album away as a free digital download

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Cor, and indeed, crumbs. It’s a heady day for UK music fans. Not only are Radiohead letting fans set the price of downloading their new album, but now The Charlatans have announced plans to give away their new album as a free download via XFM.

It starts with new single ‘You Cross My Path’ on 22nd October, before the full album is made available on XFM’s website early next year. “We want the people to own the music and we want the artist – i.e. us – to own the copyright,” says lead singer Tim Burgess. “Why let a record company get in the way of the people getting the music?”

The idea is that the Charlatans will make more from live gigs and merchandise if they give away their album. I bloody love the Charlatans, so this is great news. I’m wondering what format the downloads will be, mind, and whether there’ll be any XFM ad jingles involved.

XFM Charlatans announcement

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