If you love The Pirate Bay, wear… yellow?

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pirate-bay-yellow.jpgSurely if you wanted to dress up to show your support for besieged torrent-tracking outfit The Pirate Bay, it would involve black clothes, wooden legs and maybe a parrot or two? But no.

Today is apparently ‘Wear Yellow For Sharing Day’ in support of The Pirate Bay, which is facing criminal charges in Sweden. It’s been organised by the ‘Free The Pirate Bay’ Facebook group, and so far more than a thousand people have signed up to take part.

The company’s case isn’t likely to actually go to court until later this year, but it could have big implications for file-sharing, and for the various record labels, movie studios and software publishers who are keen to see The Pirate Bay walk the plank.

Wear Yellow For Sharing Day Facebook listing

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One thought on “If you love The Pirate Bay, wear… yellow?

  • This is a farce. Pirate Bay operates in an identical capacity to every search engine including Google and Yahoo! and MSN that equally enable access to copyrighted works if you know where to look. In fact they even enabled access to the Pirate Bay so should equally be prosecuted as conspirators..no?

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