Microsoft quick to kick The Pirate Bay when it's down

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pirate-bay-microsoft.jpgNot that it’s down down, you understand. The popular BitTorrent site is still alive and kicking, and vowing to stay online even if it loses the case brought against it by a Swedish public prosecutor this week.

The first people to get their delighted response to the news out was music industry body the IFPI, but Microsoft hasn’t been far behind: “It’s great to see positive outcomes of unlawful traders being brought to justice, as it raises the profile of how problematic piracy is,” says Microsoft’s head of anti-piracy Michala Wardell in a statement.

“We will fight to provide a level playing field for companies that sell our software legally, as well as to ensure consumers aren’t duped into buying from unlawful websites.” It’s easy to focus on music when talking about BitTorrent and The Pirate Bay, but it’s a fact that software firms, games publishers and movie studios will all be hoping the site loses the case.

(via Pocket Lint)

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