The Pirate Bay decides against starting up an OiNK-replacing music piracy tracker


home_taping_is_killing_music.jpgThe day music piracy ultra-portal OiNK died was a sad day for all fans of nicking free stuff off the internet.

But then everything seemed OK again, when The Pirate Bay announced development of BOiNK to take its place. Hooray! But now that dream is dead too. Boo!

On his blog, Pirate Bay admin Peter Sunde said the piracy super-site is not planning to launch its OiNK replacement – because the pirates of the world are already filling the void with music sharing sites of their own. Makes you proud.

Sunde said “there are so many people opening up new music trackers right now so there’s no need for us to go and do that as well,” before adding that the good old Bay is still pushing ahead with a new dedicated music section regardless.

So if anything, the closure of OiNK is simply encouraging more music piracy sites to open up – therefore making the situation significantly worse for THE MAN to police. Another day, another victory for FREEDOM.

(via Color Me Happy)

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