Vzaar video adverts for eBay: bring your stamp collection alive


vzaar.jpgThe Vzaar video service for eBay has had a revamp, and now allows longer videos and an increased monthly transfer limit of 1GB. The brainchild of former eBay employees, Vzaar allows users to insert video into their listings, increasing buyer protection.

Vzaar’s USP, and what they hope will break the routine of just going to YouTube for this sort of thing, is the unique level of integration with eBay. Signing in to the service with your eBay details, once a video has been uploaded it can be inserted into your chosen listing within a couple of clicks.

The Vzaar video player automatically includes key information such as feedback ratings and time left on an auction, and like YouTube videos, can be embedded into any page; useful if you advertise your wares outside of eBay.

It’s a step in the right direction toward improving buyer confidence, especially in risky areas like car and dog lifejacket auctions.


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Richard Gilzene
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