Generous Americans paid the most to download Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' digital release…


radiohead-sales-downloads.jpg…but only 38% of downloaders of Radiohead’s digital-only album actually paid anything at all for it.

The average amount paid by the generous 62% that spent money on the you-set-the-price download was $6 across the entire globe, with Americans contributing a frankly unnecessarily generous average of $8.05.

In total, including all the generous yanks and the pikeys who downloaded it for free, Radiohead took home an average of $2.26 for every copy of the album sold. That’s just over a quid.

Radiohead’s yet to release total download figures, so we can’t quite work out a precise total for how much the band banked out of the enterprise – although the official stats reckon 1.2 million people visited the site during October and a “significant percentage” of those went on to actually download the thing.

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