Radiohead giving up its music download model – In Rainbows scheme was a "one off" says Thom


While Radiohead is still to say how much money it made out of letting users set their own price to buy (or have for free) its In Rainbows album (HINT: lots), it looks like that’s the first and last time the band will release anything in such a way.

Speaking of the revolutionary – and much-copied – download scheme to the Hollywood Reporter, Thom Yorke said “It was a one-off in terms of a story. It was one of those things where we were in the position of everyone…

Re-Write Radiohead – competition to remix their new single, Nude


First they give you their music for free, now they let you play around with the songs as well. Yes, the publicity machine behind Radiohead has cranked it on up into overdrive once more for the release of the band’s new single, Nude.

The track has been split into five “stems” of vocals, drums, guitar, bass and strings/fx and hurled up onto iTunes where they can be downloaded for 99 cents each and remixed…

Prince and Radiohead both ineligible for Brit Awards nominations due to unorthodox album releases

It appears you really can’t have your cake and eat it too, as Radiohead and Prince are both to be excluded from next year’s Brit Awards in London, due to their album releases online and free with The Daily Mail, respectively.

The criteria for being nominated in the prestigious awards means artists must have had a single or album in the UK top 75 in the past 16 months. Radiohead, releasing In Rainbows online, has not announced the official sales figures…

Courtney Love on a Radiohead-style digital release, forgets previous album sold 250,000 copies

courtney-love-radiohead.jpgCourtney Love still makes music?! You mean, she has time in her schedule amongst flogging Kurt’s clothes and organising biopics about him?! That woman never ceases to amaze, as according to her incoherent ramblings on her MySpace account, she wants to go down the Radiohead route, by possibly releasing her music exclusively online.

Those with graduate degrees in decoding insane, possibly drug-related musings, appearing to be written by a 14-year old English-language hating morons can click here to read the full extent…