Radiohead Nude remix competition gets 2,239 entries – that's a lot of wonga

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Radiohead-Nude.jpgNo one quite knows how much cash Radiohead did or did not rake in from the one-off donation box model used in the release of In Rainbows but 2,230 remix competition entries equals a minimum of US$11,000 made from the sales of the downloadable strings of the latest single, Nude.

Last night was the deadline for new entries and I’m sure there were many more would-be musicians who downloaded the strings with the best intentions and just never got round to doing anything with them. Plus there’ll be the sales of the complete single itself to keep the Oxford-based band in guitar picks for a little while longer.

Voting will continue till the 1st June and you can see the chart as it stands and appreciate who it is that’s spammed more people into voting and spent the most money click-farming their way to stardom.

Nude Re/mix (via Wired)

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