Courtney Love on a Radiohead-style digital release, forgets previous album sold 250,000 copies

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courtney-love-radiohead.jpgCourtney Love still makes music?! You mean, she has time in her schedule amongst flogging Kurt’s clothes and organising biopics about him?! That woman never ceases to amaze, as according to her incoherent ramblings on her MySpace account, she wants to go down the Radiohead route, by possibly releasing her music exclusively online.

Those with graduate degrees in decoding insane, possibly drug-related musings, appearing to be written by a 14-year old English-language hating moron can click here to read the full extent of her thoughts on Radiohead’s actions, but if you have any shred of intelligence, you’ll go and stick your head inside a microwave take a look below for my translation.

She claims she could do as Radiohead did, after January once her publicity wagon has ceased and she’s slowed down the number of public appearances, but would only offer completely new tracks, unheard even in live shows, unlike Radiohead, who included songs they’d played live.

Love then rambled about how she wants to “just jump of f that cliff i love doing things really risky /first”, obviously forgetting if she copies Radiohead, it wouldn’t really be first. “I just want my own paradigm i dont wanna copy radioheads- no disrepect to them- im sorry Kid A didnt change my life i wish i had gotten it better- i think youhave to be a potsmoker to get Kid A…….”

And she thinks people would pay cold, hard currency for her music, if she offers it online? Wow.

Courtney Love on MySpace
(via Wired)

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