Radiohead: "We've made more money from In Rainbows than all the other albums put together…"

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thom-yorke-wired.jpgMany people thought Radiohead were mad to let fans choose their own price for the band’s new ‘In Rainbows’ album, but it appears Thom Yorke and co are having the last laugh. In the latest issue of Wired, he says the band is rolling in dosh (I paraphrase, obviously):

“In terms of digital income, we’ve made more money out of this record than out of all the other Radiohead albums put together, forever – in terms of anything on the Net. And that’s nuts. It’s partly due to the fact that EMI wasn’t giving us any money for digital sales. All the contracts signed in a certain era have none of that stuff.”

I wonder how much money Radiohead’s previous albums were making online anyway, given that they’re not sold through iTunes. Anyway, for reasons beyond pure profit, Yorke is chuffed with the album’s success. “It wasn’t nihilistic, implying that the music’s not worth anything at all. It was the total opposite. And people took it as it was meant. Maybe that’s just people having a little faith in what we’re doing.”

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