Forbes linkbaits whole internet with their top 25 web celebs of 2007 list

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Forbes, in their ever-increasing attempts at winning the googles with their top [insert random number depending on how many they could either be arsed with, or stretch to] lists has just released what is, admittedly, a pretty exciting feature.

THE 25 WEB CELEBS OF 2007! WOO! How could we have got through the month without being reminded of exactly who were worshipped the past 12 months.

Tech ‘web celebs’ included in the list are all pictured in the handy little monotone-Photoshop effort I whipped up in 30 seconds, except for Pete Cashmore from Mashable, mostly because I couldn’t find an official photo of him in my 7-second search, and he really didn’t fit on there anyway.

Robert Scoble, Om Malik, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Arrington, Ryan Block, Dan Lyons, Kevin Rose and Gina Trapani are all the tech geeks listed in Forbes’ list, with other notable ‘slebs including Perez Hilton at number one, Cory Doctorow at number five, and Heather Armstrong at number 24.

Erm…where’s our Gary Cutlack? I’m guessing Forbes hasn’t seen this video yet.

(via Forbes)

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