Hybrid cars will make up 10% of its car sales by 2010, says Honda


honda-civic-hybrid.jpgHonda’s definitely gunning for the whole ‘green’ thing, claiming that 10% of all the company’s car sales will be of hybrid models by 2010. That’s over 400,000 cars.

This is thanks to newer, cheaper hybrids it’s planning on introducing, plus sales of the existing Civic Hybrid the company currently sells very small numbers of at the moment (1000 a year in the UK).

Takeo Fukui, president of Honda, said Honda will be launching a new hybrid-only line, as well as the sportier CR-Z, also highlighting the need to get the price of hybrid cars down so they become genuine alternatives for all – and not just boasting objects for celebrities, like Toyota’s much-loved and bragged-about Prius.

“We have to close the price gap between gas-fuelled cars and hybrid cars so that our customers choose hybrid cars for economic reasons” Fukui said, pointing out that hybrid car users can also expect to save around £450 a year thanks to lower fuel bills.

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