Shiny Video Review: Mario Kart on the Wii

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Wii Fit may be on sale from today, but if you ask me, you should save all your pennies for Mario Kart on the Wii – if you can track one down, that is. I spent three hours last Saturday on Oxford Street, but to no avail.

Still, Simon has got his lucky mitts on a review copy, check out his thoughts on it in the video above, and if you’d like one, pick it up for £34.99.

Mario Kart on Wii (For more Wii-related news, check out our Shiny blog WiiWii here)

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • The ‘high street’ game stores are for last-minute, desperate Christmas Eve shopping only. Why would you want to (a) leave the house and (b) pay an extra £8?

  • 3 hours on oxford street? Waste of time. Nobody shops in actual shops anymore!
    I just ordered mine in Argos, it was there the next day.
    Or try one of the dozens of other online retailers.

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