Easy Tiles – the you design it, changeable cover for S60 mobiles

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Well, isn’t this fun? What you’re looking at here is a concept design for the cover of a standard S60 mobile phone, by Tzu-Fu Wang, called Easy Tiles.

The idea is that the phone casing is made up of the box of blank tiles that you can see at the bottom of the picture. You can print any images you like onto these tiles and then clip them together around the handset to a make the mosaic of your choice. Come and have a look what I mean…


Not bad, eh? Changeable when you’ve stopped finding your Mr T phone funny and the space between the tiling actually adds quite a nice effect. Of course it adds a whole new level of disaster to dropping your phone.

Picture the scene – scrabbling about on the pavement in the tube station at rush hour, through an army of cold, uncaring legs as you watch the pieces get kicked out of reach, down escalators and under ticket machines. Not so clever now, is it?

Yanko Design (via pocket picks)

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Daniel Sung
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