AmberFin: Snell & Wilcox launches end-to-end content creation solution: good news for consumers


At first glance, the news that a well-established company which supplies services to the broadcast industry has launched a new service for handling video content may not seem particularly relevant to consumers. Yet Snell and Wilcox’s work is something that most TV viewers in Britain will have experienced even if they’ve never heard of the company.

Yesterday I spoke to Joe Zaller (VP Corporate Development) and Simon Derry (CEO) from S&W. It’s clear that broadcasters, ISPs and telecoms companies need a system like AmberFin if they’re to deliver digital video in a variety of formats to an ever more demanding consumer, in high quality, while still making money.

AmberFin should create a win-win situation for everyone…

OPINION: HD DVD is dead – but does that mean Blu-ray automatically wins?

gary%20and%20sonic%20200.JPGGary Cutlack writes…

So it looks like HD DVD has died. That doesn’t bother me much as I can’t tell the difference between HD and normal telly from the comfort of my uncomfortable DFS sofa, so I’m yet to bother upgrading to any new movie formats.

But my “old” DVD collection is huge – although it only covers a relatively small period of time, back when DVD was the hot new thing.

It starts in late 1999 when I blew a ludicrous £500 on a Sony DVD player (that broke after 18 months…

Full HD horror film coming online: "Shadow: Dead Riot" streams at 1080p on the Internet, the high definition streaming web service, and MatrixStream, a video on demand and IPTV solutions company, have claimed the world’s first 1080p instant streaming movie.

“Shadow: Dead Riot” (2006) is a story about resurrected slain inmates turned flesh eating zombies that invade a women’s rehabilitation facility — but enough about the choice of film. What we’re really interested in is the technology and the capability, right?

2008 will be the year of Web TV, Babelgum CEO predicts

Valerio Zingarelli, CEO of Babelgum, the prolific IPTV service, believes that next year will see the rise of Web TV.

According to recent research from Nielsen, nearly 21 million Brits visited a TV, video, or movie-related website in September this year, up 28% on the previous year. Additionally, Internet TV services are currently available to the 12 million UK households with a broadband connection.

Tiscali goes nationwide with broadband TV service

tiscali-tv.jpgDigital TV’s not just about Freeview, Sky or Virgin Media any more. Tiscali has announced that its Tiscali TV service has gone nationwide, and is aiming to sign up half a million users by the end of this year.

The service will offer more than 80 channels, including Sky 1 (that means Lost and 24 – stop weeping Virgin Media customers…). The basic package will cost £19.99 including broadband and a phone line, although sports fans will be able to pay £22 extra a month for Sky’s sports channels too.

BBC iPlayer: yet another "TV highlights over the Net" service launches – how about some nostalgia?

Andy Merrett writes…

The BBC has announced that an open beta trial of its iPlayer will launch next month. It joins Channel 4’s 4oD service — reportedly doing quite well — for those who want to sit at their PCs and watch highlights of the last week’s TV.

Stuart has already extolled the virtues of “Telly 2.0”. BT are heavily marketing their Vision service, and 4oD can be accessed via BT Vision and Virgin Media.

Are the BBC slow off the mark? When the beta launches next month, it’ll be for a select band of Windows XP users only, with other versions potentially rolling out over the following months. Having said that, Channel 4 still have licensing and technical issues with protecting their content – their excuse for not getting the service to work with Macs (or indeed, any other non-Windows system).

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