Turn your phone into a 70s crime scene with Kojak Detective Puzzles

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Fancy solving a few crimes in a 70s-style without leaving your train seat? Check out Kojak Detective Puzzles from Ojom, which is now available for selected mobile handsets.

Yes, crimes are being committed on the mean streets of LA – and hidden under just about every period cliché you can think of (wisecracking cops, crooked lawyers, nasty villains and doubtless, a pimp or two) is a set of clues that lead to the culprits. Solve the puzzles before your time is up and the man goes behind bars. Fail…and he doesn’t.

But even if you fail, you’ll have the fun of a few car chases, a bit of phone tapping and the option to hang out in the era taste forgot. The game is available now for recent handsets – check the website below for phone compatibility and price.

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