Full HD horror film coming online: "Shadow: Dead Riot" streams at 1080p on the Internet

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shadow_dead_riot_dvd.jpgMyTVPal.com, the high definition streaming web service, and MatrixStream, a video on demand and IPTV solutions company, have claimed the world’s first 1080p instant streaming movie.

“Shadow: Dead Riot” (2006) is a story about resurrected slain inmates turned flesh eating zombies that invade a women’s rehabilitation facility — but enough about the choice of film. What we’re really interested in is the technology and the capability, right?

MatrixStream claims that in order to watch the film in a home theatre set-up, a MatrixStream® MX-1 set top box is required along with a minimum 6Mbps broadband connection. Those with more flaky connections can stream a 720p version over a 3Mbps connection, or 480p over a 1.5Mbps.

Though the 1080p streaming requires this proprietary solution (a specific STB), it’s no doubt because of the significant demands placed on any equipment streaming full HD content. MatrixStream’s IPTV service offers sub-second channel changing capabilities and a patent pending XMS streaming solution. While I don’t know exactly what this solution does, it’s obviously a technology that works hard to cram so much content into a relatively small amount of bandwidth.

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