Channel 4's 4oD TV-on-demand service attracts 1m viewers


4od.jpgChannel 4’s 4oD service, which launched back in December and has been strongly marketed across the Channel 4 brand, is reported to have attracted 1 million viewers so far this year.

Sarah Rose, head of the 4oD service, told the FT that over 20 million programmes had been downloaded so far, though no further details were available as to where viewers were getting their programmes from – either online or via Virgin Media or BT Vision boxes.

If my maths serves me correctly, that means that each viewer has downloaded 20 shows each, paying nearly 20 quid for programmes, or possibly up to 40 quid for films.

With the BBC planning its own interactive service, it’s obviously an area that the major broadcasters are expecting to grow over the coming months.

Small mercy, though – the BBC won’t be able to offer unending replays of Hollyoaks with its awful new theme music.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Channel 4's 4oD TV-on-demand service attracts 1m viewers

  • 4od offers lots of free content for a week, so your maths on revenue might not be quite as rosy as it would seem.

    I’ve tried it recently and when you get the service to work, it’s pretty good. But this is after updating Windows Media Player, 4od software, updating DRM software and then suffering endless outage and unavailability.

    Victim of their own success? Personally, I’ll stick to DVD’s and video tape until they can provide a better end user experience.

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