UK set to overtake Japan as the CENTRE of the gaming UNIVERSE this year


Poor old Japan is about to fall behind the UK in the global video game charts, with us lot finally spending more of our remaining cash on gaming than the Japanese – making the UK second only to the USA in how much cash we blow on various Halos and Mario Karts.

Figures released by UK sales-counter Chart-Track show that for the first five weeks of 2009 sales of games were up 37% in the UK, as kids spent their Christmas money on novelty Wii games like never before…

Xbox 360 shifted "almost double" the units this Christmas compared to 2007


Credit crisis, financial disaster and aura of commercial misery everywhere you look? What credit crisis, financial disaster and aura of commercial misery everywhere you look?

That’s what Microsoft UK will be thinking at this very moment, having sold “almost double” the number of Xbox 360s in the UK over the Christmas period compared to Chrimbo 2007, thanks to the price cuts and its zany new casual interface for girls/children/the elderly…

Stat-counters of the world reveal the best-selling video games of the last three months


What’s been the biggest-selling game around the world over the last three months? You’re probably thinking GTA IV or Mario Kart, or perhaps you’re being clever and thinking it’s something weird for girls and old people like Ubisoft’s mind-numbingly odd Imagine: Interior Designer?

If you are, you are WRONG – the best selling game around the entire world is Electronic Arts’ Madden 08, the latest annual update in the long-running US football sim. It shifted a ludicrous 2.994 million copies to inhabitants of Earth, beating Wii Fit (!) into second place, with the bizarre balancing exercise “game” amazingly managing to convince 2.089 million people that what they really need to start getting into is video game yoga…

Video games set to outsell video and music in the UK this year, thanks to FIFA, GTA and your mum


Huge launches like FIFA 09, GTA IV and Mario Kart Wii have already made 2008 a landmark year for video game sales – and the total cash blown on gaming could out-do music and video for the first time this year.

Projecting a total spend of £4.64bn on video games software and hardware by the end of 2008, Verdict Research says this figure will, for the first time, overtake traditional fun purchases of music and video, which will come in at £4.46bn…

Radiohead giving up its music download model – In Rainbows scheme was a "one off" says Thom


While Radiohead is still to say how much money it made out of letting users set their own price to buy (or have for free) its In Rainbows album (HINT: lots), it looks like that’s the first and last time the band will release anything in such a way.

Speaking of the revolutionary – and much-copied – download scheme to the Hollywood Reporter, Thom Yorke said “It was a one-off in terms of a story. It was one of those things where we were in the position of everyone…

Internet beats Tesco – one pound in seven was spent online in 2007

web-sales-up-50-percent-2007.jpgTesco has been pretty proud of the way it rakes in one out of every seven pounds UK shoppers spend and is by far our largest money-taker – but the all-powerful internet beat it last year.

Finally living up to all those promises made by dotcom shopping businesses shortly before they went bust in 2001, The Internet raked in £46.6bn during 2007, a massive 50% increase over 2006’s pocketmoney level of £30.2bn…