Motorola "stuck, in quicksand" and "not going to get out" as mobile sales slump again

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motorola-market-share-us-plummet.jpgBUSINESS NEWS!

Sales in Motorola’s mobile division have continued to plummet, with its share of the US mobile market falling to 9.5% over the last financial quarter – compared to 23.3% at the end of 2006 when people still thought the Razr range was any good.

Motorola itself blamed the fall on a “weak line up of phones” which, er, is pretty much all its own fault. So no sympathy from us. What do you expect? Nokia’s kicking arse, Sony Ericsson’s got the looks, while Motorola seems to be stuck in the late 1990s.

The poor old company’s total loss grew to $194m, of which a staggering $418m came from the phone business. Good luck finding a buyer for that.

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One thought on “Motorola "stuck, in quicksand" and "not going to get out" as mobile sales slump again

  • Their brand is good – everyone knows the annoying “hello moto”, their history is good but their handsets are just a bit “meh” and no-one really wants a clamshell any more do they?

    My last ‘moto was a V-something and the OS was dire in every sense. From the crappy navigation to the horrific iTap, the whole experience left me nervous about Motorola’s offerings.

    Then they came up with the RAZR and I was nearly won over. Finally a handset that was really different and worked (unlike the V70!). However, for some reason I went over to Sony Ericsson and haven’t looked back. My next handset will be an N95 (as the iPhone doesn’t support MMS).

    I’m no expert, just a humble consumer, but I don’t see anything exciting in the Motorola range. /rant.

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